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Treat Mum to tea this Mother’s Day 🍵

With Mother’s Day just around the corner (March 27th), you might be racking your brain trying to think of a present that will get lots of use and is guaranteed to be loved.

Why not consider giving your Mum tea this year?

We've put together a list of our five fave teas which will be a big hit!


Sweet Pink Oolong Tea

You can almost smell this tea through the screen - it’s made with rosebuds, rose petals and raspberries, so you can just imagine how beautiful it is.

Oolong tea combines the goodness of black and green tea to create a powerful and healthy brew. Some of the benefits of this tea include promoting bone health and healthy skin and it defo gets a thumbs up from us!


Sencha Green Tea Hearts

We really don’t think this tea needs much explanation as to why it made this list. Simply look at the shape of these teas and you’re bound to understand why we’re so obsessed.

Your mum is guaranteed to love these cute heart-shaped green teas which are full to the brim of powerful health benefits.


Blossom Brew Tea

Blossom Brew is equally as enjoyable to drink and to look at. I promise you’ll be hooked from the first sip.

The tea boasts great ingredients such as apple pieces, heather blossoms and marigold blossoms, which instantly transport you to the middle of a field in summer basking in the sun… and what mum doesn’t love relaxing in the sun?


Italian Rose Tea

Rose tea is a staple of the tea world, with links with Queen Victoria herself.

So basically, if you buy Italian Rose Tea you’re making the statement that she is so important to you that you think of her as royalty, and is there any higher compliment than that?


Life Balance Tea

This tea will bring harmony to your day, allowing the drinker to take on life with confidence and a smile.

Every Mum leads a stressful life, there’s no denying that, so we’re sure that she will appreciate a tea which is the epitome of holistic healthcare while she enjoys a day that is all about her.

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