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An amazing blend of heather silver linden marigold & mallow blossoms

Pink, yellow, purple, orange, red: you’ll find them all in this wildly colourful, rainbow-tasctic, blend. Enjoy the smoothness of raspberries, cherries, and rhubarb, perfectly balanced alongside the sweet, honey-like taste of linden blossoms. It’s a tea to relish. Suitable for those who enjoy indulging, luxuriating, delighting,  savouring,  revelling, and basking in glory.


Please note this tea comes in a pouch.


    • Apple pieces
    • heather blossoms
    • silver linden blossoms
    • flavouring
    • marigold blossoms
    • mallow blossoms
    • safflower
    • rose petals
    Linden leaf can aid colds, stuffy nose, sore throat, breathing problems (bronchitis), headaches, and fever. It helps as an expectorant
  • 8-10 minutes brewing time
    100° C water temperature
    1 tsp per person
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