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Lush Laid Back Lavender Tea
Relax, take it easy with Laid Back Lavender Tea, and become one with the purple goodness of this mood-enhancing plant. The perfect antidote to stressful days and sleepless nights, our lavender blend is a wellspring of powerful antioxidants, and promotes tranquillity and mental wellbeing. Laid Back Lavender Tea smells good, tastes good, feels good!


Lavender is great for the relief of anxiety and stress and aids sleep. It helps to calm the brain and the nervous system by interacting with the neurotransmitter GABA therefore reducing the feeling of restlessness, agitation, aggression and anger.

Good Night Sleep Tea 


80 Grams
    • Melissa leaves
    • Apple pieces
    • Fennel
    • Aniseed
    • Rose hip peel
    • Caraway
    • Lavender (6%)
    • Marigold blossom
    • Sweet blackberry leaves
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