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Sage and Chamomile Tea – a herbal infusion for wellness

What if we told you that just a few sips of Sage and Chamomile Tea would engulf you in a sort of warm, soft, fuzzy blanket of goodness? Sort of like yoga, but without the yoga. Would that be appealing? What if we also told you that, aside from being all fuzzy and warm like we just mentioned, Sage and Chamomile Tea is also wonderful for restless sleepers and those who want a mental boost? (Psst, that’s exactly what we’re telling you).

Sage and Chamomile Tea – the Love Leaf twist
If you really love Sage and Chamomile Tea and want that extra bit of sage-ness to your tea, then go ahead and sprinkle a handful of fresh sage leaves into your teapot, you’ll be happier for it (PS have we said “sage” enough?).



80 Grams
    • Aniseeds
    • Chamomile blossoms
    • Sage leaves.
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