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Kombucha Green Tea – Fit for an Emperor in Spring
What did the Chinese emperors of the Quin Dynasty drink? Well, some people think it was Kombucha. And though we’re not saying that drinking Kombucha Green Tea will make you all majestic and imperial like a Chinese emperor or anything. We’re also not saying that it won’t.

The delicate and graceful taste of plumbs and mirabelles is abundant in this Kombucha Green Tea blend. It’s a fruity, immune-boosting pleasure, and its pro-biotic properties are also good for digestion!


Kombucha Powder

Detoxifies the body. Improves digestion. Aids weight loss. Can help to keep a healthy liver. Maintains cholesterol levels. Helps to control diabetes. Relieves arthritis pain. Can enhance the mood. Helps boost the immune systems. Helps to maintain cellular health which is vital for a healthy functioning body.


SKU: 0012
100 Grams
    • Green tea (93%)
    • Kombucha powder(5%) (maltodextrin, green tea, herb blend, cane sugar, water, kombucha cultures)
    • Flavouring
    • Mallow blossoms.
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