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Turmeric Tea – The golden nectar of ancient wonder
Combine the pure cocoa peel of the Aztecs with the rich fragrance of golden turmeric and you have a truly mystical and ancient blend. Throw in a bit of ginger root, fennel, aniseed, and vanilla for good measure and, hey, you’re pretty much drinking the nectar of the ancients – Turmeric Tea. And that’s not even mentioning the benefits of its anti-inflammatory properties and benefits to liver function. Is there a more sacred Turmeric Tea brew out there?


Turmeric Tea – The Love Leaf twist
You’ve experienced Turmeric Tea – have you ever experienced the warming, creamy, luxurious wonder of a turmeric latte before? It’s the latte to end all lattes.


Natural Inflammatory, regulates immune responses, benefit to brain health, help treat or prevent Diabetes, may protect against Heart Disease.


SKU: 0008
100 Grams
    • Turmeric slices (20%)
    • Ginger pieces
    • Cocoa peel
    • Aniseed
    • Fennel
    • Blackberry leaves
    • Natural Flavoring
    • Vanilla pieces.
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