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Cranberry & Apple Fruit Infusion or Tisane,sweet apple & tart Cranberry pieces blended with Hibiscus petals Rosehip & Elderberry

 Feisty fruit

Rich, fruity, and pungent. This boisterous blend combines two fruit basket heavyweights to bring you a tea that packs a juicy punch. Cranberry and apple. Just say it. Even the words sound good together. . . can you feel your tastebuds fizzing yet?

 The Love Leaf twist

Once brewed, pour your tea into a jug a refrigerate overnight for a fabulously fruity breakfast beverage!


100 Grams
  • How to brew the perfect cup 

    1 teaspoon per cup. Steep for 6-12 minutes at 100° C.


    • Apple pieces
    • Hibiscus petals
    • Rosehip + Elderberry 
    • Cranberry pieces
    • Natural flavors
    • (organic compliant).


     Please note this tea comes in a pouch not a box

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