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A love letter to rooibos tea❤️

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

The caffeine-free tea you're going to fall head over heels for

Rooibos tea is a red tea made using leaves from a bush, Aspalathus linearis from the western coast of South Africa. It’s typically consumed as we in the UK drink Black Tea. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try it as an iced tea, latte or espresso? It’s so versatile and delicious and can be drank with or without milk.

Hear me out, rooibos tastes like sitting outside on a sunny day (like today funnily enough). It tastes quite mild, has woody and earthy notes, and can transport you to tea paradise. You can enjoy it pure , or we have a wide range of flavoured rooibos, from vanilla and almond to chocolate Mint … you’ll have to try them all and let us know what you like best!

It’s the perfect alternative to green or black tea as it’s caffeine-free, so is perfect whether you’re avoiding caffeine, or looking for a night time tea. You can enjoy a cup at any time of day, Or, if you’re entertaining guests, simply prepare a big pot of tea and you don’t need to worry about how many cups you have because you’re guaranteed not to have a caffeine rush!

If you’re anything like me, a little bit of variation is always great, so depending on your mood Rooibos is always a pleasant alternative to the blacks and greens. Rooibos has no tannin's so has a lovely gentle flavor and is difficult to over brew

Rooibos tea is also packed to the brim with antioxidants. These protective plant compounds are believed to help protect from damage that leads to conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Who would’ve thought tea would be so good for you in so many ways?

To prepare your Rooibos tea hot, steep it for five to seven minutes depending on how strong you like it, then enjoy your cuppa. If you fancy it cold, prepare your tea how you usually would, then place in the fridge overnight to enjoy over ice the next day.

Our Rooibos Matcha is perfect to make a delicious Red Cappuccino or a Red Latte ( especially good with oat milk ) and wonderful with a dash of honey a great bedtime treat, or cozy companion in the Autumn evenings.

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