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14 May 2015

White Tea – Healthy & Delicious!

Unfermented white tea is packed with the same types of antioxidants as green tea, but in higher quantity. Therefore its health properties are even greater. Both white and green teas come from the plant camellia sinensis. However, white tea leaves are harvested earlier than green tea leaves and go through the least amount of processing out of all teas. As such, white tea is considered to be much rarer and more expensive as it is only picked in the first few days of early spring and is only grown in the Fujian province in China. White tea contains less caffeine and has a different flavour to green tea, with a much smoother sweeter taste. White tea’s antioxidants are laden with nutrients which help your body fight against germs and infection.

Other such health properties of white tea include:

  • Cancer fighting flavonoids (type of antioxidant)
  • Lowers blood pressure (acts as a blood thinner, helping to prevent causes of a stroke)
  • Catechins (another antioxidant) lowers cholesterol
  • Cardiovascular protection against heart disease
  • Stronger bones (helps those with arthritis or osteoporosis)
  • Antibacterial (naturally kills bacteria and viruses)
  • Healthy teeth and gums (fluoride prevents plaque build up, tooth decay and bad breath) Glowing skin (antioxidants promote healthy radiant skin by reducing stress, also can help with anti-ageing)
  • Weight loss (antioxidants boost metabolic rate and also can curb the appetite. Research has indicated that white tea can also prevent new fat cells forming)

As white tea alone is not always the most flavoursome drink, it can be much nicer to drink a flavoured white tea. Here at Love Leaf Tea, we have a wide variety of white teas, from traditional, to flavoured, to our new white tea matcha powder (see our blog post on matcha for further information). Such flavours simply make the drinking experience that little bit tastier!

Our flavours:

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