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04 September 2013

The Miracle Herb: Why Sage is More than just a Seasoning

With one particular tea featuring highly in our sales this month, we thought you might like to know exactly what one of its key ingredients – simple Sage – is doing to benefit your health. The positive effects of sage go to show that you don’t need fancy superfoods or expensive supplements to get the boost you need – sometimes a little snip of a garden plant is all it takes!

Sage has been used to treat all manner or weird and wonderful ailments since ancient times – both Greeks and Egyptians have records pertaining to the benefits of a plant we now see in pots in gardens everywhere. Interestingly, sage juice in warm water has been reportedly used as a remedy for hoarseness and cough since the first century physician Dioscorides – we’ve got something a little less vile sounding: our beautiful Feel Well infusion.

A gorgeous mix of chamomile blossoms, aniseed and sage, our Feel Well tea is perfect to drink whether you’re feeling a little under the weather or simply want to keep any illnesses away. Every part of the drinking experience is beneficial – inhale the steam leaving your mug to unblock a stuffy nose, drink slowly with honey to soothe a sore throat or have a mug before bed to let the antiseptic and antispasmodic properties calm you into a peaceful sleep. Strongly brewed, sage tea is believed to aide a strong headache and may even improve the symptoms of diarrhoea and stomach cramping if you are feeling particularly under the weather.

One thing’s for sure, Feel Well is a fantastically subtle blend that you can drink whenever or wherever you like. It doesn’t taste medicinal at all so you’ll feel the positive effects with none of the ickiness of tablets or chemicals. We could drink it all day here at Love Leaf HQ!

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