Why You Should be Drinking Peppermint Tea

Let’s begin by stating the obvious: peppermint tea is supremely tasty. We all know this. But here’s the thing, it’s also supremely healthy. Known, sown, and grown throughout the world, peppermint is something of an old, legendary celebrity in the plant world.

So why should you be drinking it? Read on to find out. . .

Peppermint is a fever fighter
Peppermint contains menthol, and menthol cools your insides. So when you’ve got a fever and you drink a glass of peppermint tea, the tea will make you sweat, and the peppermint will cause internal cooling. This Yin Yang effect can help to stop fevers in their tracks!

It prevents nausea
Who likes feeling nauseous? No one. Or only weird people. Being sick and feeling nauseated is a very unpleasant experience. But peppermint tea is an antispasmodic, which means that it can help to alleviate feelings of nausea. It can even work its magic on motion sickness! So next time your on the ferry, you know what to drink. . . .

Controls uncontrollably bad breathe
Just eaten an entire bulb of garlic? Put a full chopped onion in your sandwich? Drank copious amounts of coffee before breakfast? If so, turn to peppermint tea. Chewing gum also helps, but hey, it’s not as healthy.

Good for coughs
Remember earlier when we were talking about menthol? Well there’s something else it’s good for: coughs. Peppermint tea thins mucus and in doing so breaks up coughs. You can also try it for sore throats.

Relieves stress
It’s true that lots (and lots and lots) of teas are advertised as stress relievers these days. But peppermint is one of the big players. A real, certified, bonafide, stress-buster. Have we mentioned menthol before? Well, menthol is also a muscle relaxant, which can help you in stimulating a full body and mind wind-down.

How about a hot bath, with some candles, some soothing music, and a cup of peppermint tea? If that doesn’t calm you down, perhaps nothing ever will.

Soothes you to sleep
It’s caffeine free, and its general soothing qualities have been found to help in getting a good night’s sleep. It’s especially good for people who find themselves with upset stomachs throughout the evening. Combined with the hot bath scenario in the previous point, you’ll be sleeping like a log in no time.

Craving a pot of peppermint? Why not try our Stinging Mint herbal infusion? Packed full of freshness and zing, it’s the perfect start and the perfect finish to any day!

Don’t forget, as with all types of herbal tea, always seek medical advice if you experience any adverse side effects.

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