What Type Of Teapot Should You Buy?

Teapots are like houses, or cars, or cakes. They come in all shapes and sizes, and there are lots to choose from. And though, when it comes to teapots, we all have our own personal preferences, there are some important things to bear in mind. Style, durability, heat retention. These are all the specifications that vary from pot to pot. And it’s important to know what’s what if you’re searching for the perfect brew.

So, here’s a quick rundown of four of the most popular types of teapot. Keep reading and see which is right for you!

Simple design, minimalist aesthetic, and a diverse range of colours to choose from. Ceramic teapots make excellent additions to any type of home, regardless of décor. The ceramic teapot is the chameleon of the crockery world, with the ability to blend in with any kitchen set up.

Designed with heat retention in mind, this is a great choice for families and individuals who like their tea to last. And with the added benefit of being very easy to clean, ceramic teapots are a convenient and low maintenance choice for the casual tea lover.

A word of warning: watch out for unglazed ceramic teapots, as they have a tendency to retain flavours.

Stainless steel
Modern, sleek, and well-suited to the 21st Century kitchen. Stainless steel teapots are an excellent choice for the no-nonsense heavy tea guzzler. Durable and erosion resistant, they can take a beating. Good for outdoor use and clumsy hands.

Stainless steel also conducts heat, which means that you can put your pot straight on the stove for a good old fashioned brew.

Bear in mind, however, that stainless steel might not be the best choice for lovers of tradition. There’s no classic aesthetic here, and not much history. For tea ceremonies, look elsewhere.

The number one choice for blooming teas, and the number one choice for elegance. These delicate

Best used for brewing loose leaf, the glass pot is a nice option for connoisseurs and those who enjoy a bit of ornamental delicacy. And the fact that they’re see-through means that you can enjoy all the varying colours of your tea collection as they brew and steep.

An added bonus: glass teapots look great when paired with teapot warmers.

Cast iron
Very traditional and beautiful to look at. Cast iron teapots radiate craftsmanship, and are a wonderful option for collectors.

In terms of design and function, cast iron teapots offer the best of both worlds. They’re robust and sturdy yet intricate and carefully designed, and are excellent insulators.

But buyer beware, due to their high capacity for heat retention, cast iron isn’t always the best for delicate teas.

Got the right pot?
So, are you happy with your current pot situation? Or is it time to rethink your material? If you’re in the market, why not have a browse through our selection. We have everything from ceramic pots to golden elephants!

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