The Vegan Guide To Loose Leaf Tea

so…Is loose leaf tea vegan?

Many loose leaf teas are vegan-friendly, as most blends typically contain nothing but dried herbs, fruits, and plants. But there are a few animal-derived ingredients used in certain teas, such as honey and bee pollen.

When you’re purchasing single-ingredient teas (such as chamomile or peppermint, for example) it’s simple enough to see what’s suitable for vegans. But herbal blends can be a little bit more tricky.

The ones to watch out for are often flavoured teas. Sometimes you may find honey present in flavoured teas as a means of adding sweetness. Green tea is also paired with honey quite frequently, but more often than not it will be obvious from the name of the blend (“Green Tea and Manuka Honey”, for example).

Still, the best (and safest) way to make sure your tea is vegan-friendly is always to check the ingredients first, especially when it’s a blend. If you’re still in doubt, never hesitate to contact the manufacturer to enquire about their ingredients and manufacturing processes. That way you can enjoy your brews with peace of mind!

In a nutshell, most loose leaf tea is made without animal products, which makes it a wonderful beverage to accompany a vegan lifestyle!    

But tea is about more than just tea, isn’t it? So beyond the basic ingredients, let’s take a look at how else vegans can optimise their tea time. . .

An English brew, the vegan way

The English are notorious for their tea drinking habits, as well as their tendency to consume said beverage with a biscuit or two (or ten).

Two of the biggest tea-based hurdles for vegans (especially English), therefore, are milk and biscuits.


Cow’s milk, of course, isn’t vegan-friendly. But fear not, because these days it’s easier than ever to find good quality dairy-free alternatives! If you’re partial to a splash of milk in your tea, consider swapping out the regular stuff for non-dairy varieties such as oat, almond, cashew, hemp, or coconut. Each of these dairy-free options has a very distinctive taste and sweetness, so it’s a good idea to try them all out in order to find your favourite.


As for biscuits, there’s more choice out there for vegans than you might think. Often it simply comes down to the brand. For example, McVities Digestives contain dried skimmed milk, whereas Asda’s own brand digestives are dairy free. This is the case with a surprising number of biscuits, and often it’s only a specific brand’s recipe that makes certain biscuits unsuitable for vegans.

So the golden rule for vegan biscuit buyers is: always check the ingredients

Of course, it’s important to remember that many biscuits (even those that don’t contain dairy ingredients) are often only labelled as suitable for vegetarians due to possible cross-contamination during manufacturing. So depending on the parameters of your own vegan lifestyle, it may still be difficult to partake in supermarket-brand biscuits.

That said, here’s a quick list of some of the biscuits that often come free from animal ingredients:

  • Digestives.
  • Bourbons.
  • Rich Tea.
  • Oat biscuits.
  • Ginger Nuts.

Love Leaf Tea, it’s vegan!

The good news is that all of our teas here at Love Leaf Tea are vegan-friendly! That means none of our ingredients contain animal products. And if you’d like to check for yourself, please feel free to browse through our selection. All the ingredients for each of our herbal blends are listed and accounted for on their individual product pages.

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