The Rewards of Red Rooibos

We go through many fads and phases in our lives, but red rooibos tea is no fleeting fixation for the people of South Africa, who have supposedly been drinking in the benefits of the native bush tea for years in its homeland.

Perhaps the best thing to be said about this fragrant cup of goodness is that it holds no caffeine at all, meaning that we can rest easy at the end of the night without a nagging buzz that keeps us awake. In turn, we can trade in the addiction for a more rewarding “A”, which comes in the form of antioxidants – the fighting soldiers in our body that work to keep things sweet.

The plant, known in its “posh” form as Apalathus linearis, holds copious health benefits, and these are to name but a few:

Those aforementioned antioxidants, specifically aspalathin and nothofagin, help to hunt down the free radicals in our body that cause disease. This especially goes for cancer, but also works to reduce blood pressure and therefore aids to prevent things such as heart attack, strokes and diabetes. It boosts your immune system, battling the breakthrough of the most serious of illnesses down to the common cold that leaves us 20 boxes of Kleenex down.

As well as this, it holds anti-aging properties, which can help our skin to avoid getting wrinkles and the general blemishes we gain through life. It is also believed to be of use to our hair, leaving us with shiny locks that are strong. It’s certainly worth a try if there’s a chance of revitalisation.

Lastly, it holds anti-inflammatory qualities that have been sworn by many to thwart the likes of asthma, eczema and hay fever. If you’re anything like me and a tablet form leaves you drowsy for days, this may be the way to go. There is far more research and study in recent years gone into this miracle brew, and you can find out more here from the South African Rooibos Council:

Here at Love Leaf Tea, we offer our red bush tea in a variety of types, which include Vanilla and Almond, Chocolate Mint, Sunshine Lemon, Strawberry Tingle, Herbal Infusion and flavoured Matcha. Add a bit of milk and sugar to make it extra delicious if you’re that way inclined and you’re good to go!

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