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Whether you’re in a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a bore. The price of roses quadruples, every restaurant is fully booked, and you can’t even fill up with petrol without being bombarded by cut-price chocolates and giant cards. Was there ever a Valentine’s Day before our wallets took over?
Indeed there was. According to – well – Wikipedia, St. Valentine’s Day ‘began as a liturgical celebration of one or more early Christian saints named Valentinus.’ Apparently, Valentinus was imprisoned for performing weddings soldiers who couldn’t marry, and before his execution wrote farewell letters ‘from your Valentine’.

Sounds less than romantic. In fact, we have medieval poet Geoffrey Chaucer to thank for the cushy side of Valentine’s Day. By the 15th Century lovers countrywide used the day to express their love for one another, with greetings cards, chocolate and flowers being popular gifts as far back as 600 years ago. So should we be embracing tradition, or leaving the hysteria behind?
Many people will argue that we don’t need a particular day to show our loved ones how much we care. Which is, in essence, true – but why shouldn’t we open our hearts on Valentine’s Day as much as any other? Sure, perhaps the roses are overpriced, but if you can get a couple of seats in the cinema it might make a nice change.

Whether you go for a candlelit dinner, a weekend walk or just stay in with a film, we’ve got a tea for all manner of romantic activities – and however crowded Mark’s and Spencer’s gets, you can order from us from the comfort of your sofa.

Our Valentine’s Specials

From left to right: Cherry and Vanilla tea, Luxury Green Tea Hearts, a pair of Cheeky Heart Mugs12.50, Erupting Volcano Flowering Tea, Lovers’ Mugs with Saucer, Peaceful Moments, Papaya Passion, Ginger Peach Tea; Karma Sutra Chai.

Don’t forget, first time customers get 10% off – so sit back and enjoy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
The Team

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