Reasons to Drink Chai Tea: It’s Made of Superheroes

How many times do we hear the word “chai” in an average day? Hang around the counter of any coffee shop long enough and you’ll catch wind of orders like “Chai Latte”, “Chai Frappucino”, and the ample mouthful “Decaf Soy Vanilla Chai Latte”.

From sales-folk to hairdressers, it seems like everyone’s crazy for chai. And with its unique taste and soul-warming qualities, it’s hardly surprising.

All the way from the East (as many of our most fabulous tea traditions are), chai is a daily staple of Indian culture.

Spicy, fragrant, and lively. Chai is the tea for cold weather. The ultimate by-the-fire beverage. Clasp it in both hands, hug it, and breathe in its cozy chai aroma.

The best thing about chai tea? It’s positively loaded with health benefits. In fact, its ingredients are so healthy that together they could form their own miniature superhero team. Each bringing its own holistic arsenal of healthy, nurturing powers to the fray.

Take a look at our infographic below to see what some of these super-ingredients are good for. And to get a taste for why chai is a tea of Ayurvedic legends.

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