How Loose Leaf Tea Can Improve Wellbeing In The Workplace

Wellbeing in the workplace is crucial for a happy and healthy life, and whilst there are many ways for businesses to improve their employees’ working environments, there are also ways that we can improve our own feelings of wellbeing in the office.

We think loose leaf tea has an important role to play in wellbeing. Below you’ll find 4 reasons why we believe loose leaf tea can improve wellbeing in the workplace.

Happy brewing and happy working!

Gives you time to breathe

Brewing loose leaf tea is a mindful exercise. Breathing in the herbal scents. Spooning the leaves into the pot. Watching them whirl around in the water. It offers a pause for stillness in an otherwise busy day.

The extended time it takes to brew loose leaf tea (as opposed to the typical teabag-dipped-in-and-out-the-mug brew) allows us a longer pause, a greater chance of quieting and refocusing our busy minds. You can even use your tea breaks as mini meditation sessions. Snatching a few minutes of mindfulness before heading back to the desk may even help in reducing anxiety and increasing cognition.

Lady sat in a sunny environment, meditating.

Gets you on your feet for longer

If your job involves sitting at a desk for most of the day, then taking regular standing breaks is incredibly important for your health. According to On Your Feet Britain, 45% of women and 30% of men spend less than 30 minutes a day on their feet at work.

Getting up to brew a pot of tea is an excellent way to incorporate more standing into your workday. And since loose leaf tea takes a little longer to brew than tea in a bag, it means you’re up and active for longer!  

Lets you personalise your workspace

Word is that personalising our workspaces could have positive effects on our psychological wellbeing. By decorating our desks with personal items, we can enjoy a sense of control over (and connection with) our working environment.

For a tea enthusiast, there’s nothing quite as personal as your own teapot, and loose leaf tea gives a great excuse for you to get your hands on one. Having a teapot sitting on the desk is a simple and elegant way to bring life, colour, and personality to your workspace. Which, ultimately, could leave you feeling happier and more satisfied!  

Good for physical and mental health

Drinking loose leaf tea opens up the doors to all sorts of wonderful herbal concoctions, and encourages us to branch out with our flavour choices. Rather than reaching for the staple black tea bag (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course), we can opt for something lighter, or fruitier, or root-ier. Something different.

Each type of loose leaf tea comes with its own benefits that could ultimately boost our overall wellbeing. There’s rose tea for a charge of vitamin C. Lutein-rich rhubarb to keep the eyes bright and healthy. Brain-cell-defending goji tea, to keep the mind fit and active. And of course lavender, which can help to ease stress, tension, and headaches. Take a look at our previous posts on the health benefits of ginger, kombucha, and black tea too!

Cup off loose leaf tea being poured on a wooden counter top.

All of these benefits, in turn, can contribute to enhanced work-based performance and wellbeing. So mixing things up with loose leaf might just be the boost we need for a productive and healthy day at the office!

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