7 Glorious Benefits Of Ginger

Ginger, less commonly known as Zingiber officinale, is a spice you’ve most likely encountered in the kitchen cupboard (it’s a staple addition to a good curry). But besides its culinary uses, ginger has also been used for many years as a top-notch folk medicine.

This fragrant, powerful, spicy spice is one to keep on hand at all times for its seemingly myriad holistic uses. Here are seven of the very best. . . .

1 – Relieves Nausea

Ginger is commonly put to use as an anti-sickness aid. It’s taken for motion sickness and seasickness, and research has suggested that it may reduce the occurrence of nausea and vomiting in pregnant women.

2 – Maintains healthy blood circulation

Ginger contains chromium, magnesium, and zinc, which can help to improve blood flow. Good circulation can in turn promote cell growth and proper organ function, keeping your insides working smoothly.

And don’t forget the skin. . . . Good circulation is great for the skin, and will leave you glowing and radiant!

3 – Aids digestion

Stomach aches and pains can be very distracting and painful. Luckily, regular consumption of ginger may help us absorb our food more effectively. This, in turn, can help keep our digestive systems functioning smoothly, thus aiding in the prevention of stomach pains.

4 – Reduces inflammation

Would you ever have guessed that certain anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols can be found in ginger? Shocking, isn’t it? The names really don’t suggest any sort of relationship. . . . But what is a gingerol and what does it do? Well, aside from their regular anti-inflammatory properties, these wondrous little compounds are thought, by some, to help reduce pain in conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and knee inflammation.

5 – Relieves gas

Apparently, ginger is a rather potent carminative. And for anyone who doesn’t know what “carminative” means, here’s a layman’s definition: ginger makes you pass wind. Perhaps not ideal as far as social conduct is concerned, but very good for the body. Too much pressure anywhere (especially inside us) is a bad thing!

6 – Supports healthy cognitive function

Ginger is said to delay the onset of certain cognitive diseases and general cognitive decline. So regular consumption of this wonder spice could help keep your brain sharp and healthy for many years to come.

7 – Makes you sweat

This might not appear to be the most groundbreaking, life-changing, or mind-bending health benefit of them all, but it’s still fantastic, and definitely worth mentioning.

It’s really much less disgusting than it sounds. Simply put, ginger can help promote healthy sweating, which is not only good for detoxification, but can also help in fighting off colds and flus.


There are so many ways to incorporate ginger into your daily diet. You can sprinkle it over meals, mix it with lemon and water for a refreshing drink,, or take is as a tea. Now, we can’t speak so much for the first two, but for the bit about the tea we’ve got you covered. So for a warming cup of ginger tea, morning or night, why not try our Ginger Fresh blend? It’s good for what ails ya’!

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