4 Fruit And Herbal Teas For A Lighter Brew

Let’s face it. Tea is strong. Black tea, green tea, oolong, and chai. They’re all wonderful and delicious, of course, but they’re strong. And whilst this is a characteristic that many people love, sometimes the mood calls for something just a little lighter.

And what’s lighter than a fruit-infused tea? Answer: nothing.

So let’s take a look at 4 light and fruity alternatives to tea for when the mood calls for a trip to the bright side of the kettle.

Who doesn’t like a nice bit of rhubarb? Bake it with apples for a lovely crumble, serve it up with strawberries and custard, or. . . drink it as a tea!

Rhubarb tea makes for deliciously mild, caffeine-free drinking. Plus it’s loaded with calcium, Vitamin K, Lutein, and anti-oxidants to give you an added health boost.

The super berry. Goji is all kinds of good for you. It’s anti-oxidant rich, light, and goes well with strawberries.

Also used as a Feng Shui tea, goji brings balance and harmony to your teapot. And its delicate taste makes it a fantastic alternative to heavier brews.

Lavender promotes tranquility, wellbeing, and a restful night’s sleep. And as a tea, it offers a mild alternative to green and black.

It makes for an especially excellent choice in the evening, when its calming qualities can take full effect.

Sage and chamomile
A sage and chamomile herbal blend is a match made in (tea) heaven. Soft, soothing, and full of flavour, this is an intriguing and complex tea that’s free from bitterness. But what it lacks in brute strength, it more than makes up for in taste.

The multiplicity of tea
Whatever mood we’re in, whether we want a punchy caffeine kicker, a smoky winter warmer, or a light and fruity zinger, there’s a tea to match our tastes.

If any of the blends mentioned above have tickled your fancy, then why not have a browse through our selection. We’ve got them all and more, waiting in our store.

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