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25 August 2015

A Letter to the Jetsetters

Britain hasn’t quite been blessed with the hot one we’d been hoping for this season, and it seems that many have dug deep in their penny jars in search of the sun. With golden beaches and sea as blue as our lips in an English winter, there really is no foreseeable downside… EXCEPT FOR THAT FLIGHT.

Jet lag just isn’t our mate. These explorations can leave us quite the sleepy traveller, as well as giving us loss of appetite, nausea, digestive problems, headaches and sinus irritation, which quite frankly, we’re keen to avoid.

Luckily enough, Strawberry Sparkle Green Tea could well aid us in all its glittering glory on our quest to beat it, particularly thanks to one magic ingredient within. Thought to be one of the most medicinal of all the Chinese herbs, Gynostemma particularly focuses on keeping our immune system at the best it can possibly be. Not only that but it is reputed to help our beautiful selves maintain optimum homeostasis, which the Good Gods of Google would simplify as “regulating our bodies.” It makes sense that after zapping through those time zones we just want to be at our fighting best and have some normality restored to our lives. As in all instances of life, it seems a cuppa does the trick.

A luxury green tea with freeze dried strawberry and dried natural papaya – it makes the Brit law of a homecoming brew more essential than ever.

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