Rosepetal Earl Grey White Tea

  • Rosepetal Earl Grey White Tea
  • Rosepetal Earl Grey White Tea
  • Rosepetal Earl Grey White Tea
  • Rosepetal Earl Grey White Tea

Rosepetal Earl Grey White Tea

White Tea with rose petals and Bergomot

During the 1100’s the Crusades came upon the Italian town of Salerno which was the site of a renowned medical school founded by four doctors. These men were recognized as true masters and their teachings would influence European medicine for centuries. They promoted the use of  Rose petals and buds by women to enhance the beauty of their hair and skin


Luxury white tea, natural flavours Rose Petals and Buds

Brewing Instructions

Place 1 tsp. of tea for each cup into the teapot. Pour the boiling water into the teapot. Steep for 3-7 minutes according to taste. Do not add milk

When preparing in  acup this tea can be used repeatedly - about 3 times. Use water that is about 180’F or 80’C. Place 1 teaspoon in your cup let the tea steep for about 3 minutes - do not remove the leaves from the cup. Once the water level is low  add more water,. Look at the pattern of the leaves they foretell your fortune



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Exquisite creamy flavour with a deep Earl Grey finish  with a gentle hint of rose. Excellent smooth cup highlighting Premium China Pai Mu Tan.

 Really nice with dark chocolate
Delicate blend of bergamot and rose with the light fragrance of white tea. Very cleansing.


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Gorgeous white tea

I love this tea! I bought some in a shop on the Isle of Skye, but I live six hundred miles from there now and I was hoping to order some online. It's one of my favourites and I'm really disappointed it's now out of stock. Thanks to the bergamot and rose it's got a more accessible flavour than a plain pai mu tan for your less tea-savvy guests, but still pretty sophisticated, and you can re-infuse it a good 3-4 times. Hope I can order more soon!