Safflower Flowers - Blending Component

  • Safflower Flowers - Blending Component

Safflower Flowers - Blending Component

Luxury Safflower Tea for Blending

Creating your own special blend of tea is an exciting and satisfying way to produce a customized tea of your own taste. Our range of blending components allows you to blend your own tea.

Safflowers make a colorful addition to blended teas and herbal teas. We also know they make a delicately flavored cup when brewed hot on their own.

In ancient China, Safflowers held an important place in Chinese medicine. They were given to patients to ease sore joints, cleanse wounds and interestingly, treat the measles. Chinese Doctors also believed that Safflower tea could induce heavy sweating, and as such prescribed it as a remedy against the common cold.

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Safflower flowers are a fabulous blending component to make your own customised tea or as a nice addition to herbal tea.

Can also be very nice on its own.

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