Golden Turmeric

  • Golden Turmeric

Golden Turmeric

Turmeric tea


It really is heartwarming to see such a humble spice climb the pyramid of fame to become one of the most revered and popular icons of the Herbs and Spices isle. its fans are numerous, its influence widespread, but don’t be fooled, the golden number isn’t just a pretty face.



Turmeric roots, ginger pieces, cocoa peel, aniseed, fennel, blackberry leaves, natural flavouring, vanilla pieces.






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 Combine the Aztec gold of pure cocoa peel and the rich yellow hue of golden turmeric, and here you have a truly mystical and ancient blend. Throw in a bit of ginger root, fennel, aniseed, and vanilla for good measure and, hey, you’re drinking the nectar of the ancients.

Makes great lattes too.Tastes great with cake
Try this mildly spicy creation with a dash of milk.










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