Sunflower Petals - Blending Component

  • Sunflower Petals - Blending Component

Sunflower Petals - Blending Component

Blending Component

Creating your own special blend of tea is an exciting and satisfying way to produce a customised tea of your own taste. Our range of blending components allows you to blend your own tea.

Sunflower petals can be enjoyed on their own as a tisane, or as a mellow addition to tea blends producing fabulous visual effects. Have Fun !

In many other parts of the ancient world, the power and wisdom of the sunflower was said to ward of evil thoughts. Some believed that placing sunflower petals under their pillow at night would help get to the truth of any matter and encourage a long life. Others believed that sunflower petals in the bath would clear away sorrow. Still others believed sunflowers represented love, even going so far as to write odes and sonnets to the flower

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Sunflower petals act as a uniquely different blending component. They are a great addition to a customised tea, or as a visual addition to tea blends.

Best as a sneaky addition to your own tea blend.
A warm summers day

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