Cornflower flowers - Blending Component

  • Cornflower flowers - Blending Component

Cornflower flowers - Blending Component

Blending Component

Creating your own special blend of tea is an exciting and satisfying way to produce a customized tea of your own taste. Our range of blending components allows you to blend your own tea. Brewed on their own, the flowers also make a delightfully mellow herbal tea. Try a custom blend of your own and add some cornflower. Great for decorating food such as cakes

The tiny flower goes by many names such as Bachelor’s Buttons, Basket Flower, the Old Fashioned Blue Bottle. Most commonly called the cornflower however, the pale blue flower, (Latin: Centaurea cyanus) gets its genus name, “Centaurea” from ancient Greek mythology

 Lovely blue petals carry a neutral flavour and blue infusion.



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Cornflower flowers are a great blending component to make your own tea mixture or on its own as a delicious herbal tea.

Try adding some cornflower.
Neutral flavour but lovely blue colour

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