Balance Tea - Ayurveda Blend

  • Balance Tea - Ayurveda Blend
  • Balance Tea - Ayurveda Blend

Balance Tea - Ayurveda Blend

Ayurveda Blend

Ayurveda is the oldest, famous doctrine of life and health from the advanced Vedic civilization of ancient India. The knowledge has been passed on orally for thousands of years. The word ayurveda comes from the sanskrit words Ayur ( LIFE) AND VEDA (KNOWLEDGE) and can be translated as “wisdom of life” or  “science of life. According to the Ayurveda teachings ,this blend is soothing and balancing.

You will find the perfect balance for your energy in our Ayurveda tea blends. you will find the ideal symbiosis from the Ayurveda teachings and the European imagination and expectations of taste. Have you ever looked for a different tea then you will find it here. These intense varieties of taste do  not contain any additional flavorings.   



Cinnamon pieces, cardamom, liquorice  root, coriander, fennel, ginger roots and rose leaves.


Brewing instructions

Place I teaspoons of tea per cup into the teapot or infuser Pour over boiling water let it steep for 5-10 minutes Honey can be added to sweeten



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Ayurveda blend tea is an ancient Indian tradition. Ayurveda actually means 'the science of life' and it was used in holistic Indian healthcare practice to help achieve balance and energy.

Best served with a bit of honey.
A delicious strong flavour of spices and ginger.

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